Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretotyping is no longer a typo

For over a year, searching for pretotyping on Google returned a "Did you mean prototyping?" suggestion.

Well, we've reached another milestone in pretotyping – it's no longer considered a typo by Google search.  Yeay!

Alas, pretotype still returns a "Did you mean ..."

But it's only a matter of time ...



  1. "Pretoyping" is still a typo. Did you mean "Pretotyping"? :-)

  2. Thanks fafkulec! I fixed it. I love the irony of having a typo when talking about typos.

  3. Next step surely is to create a new article in Wikipedia

  4. Thanks Tommo. I am going to wait it out and see if someone else creates the new article in Wikipedia - it's more satisfying and "legit" that way.

  5. Unfortunately I keep spelling it as pretetyping, which google doesn't know anything about. Maybe you could sneak that in somehow on your web site and see if google finds that?

    Great site by the way. I haven't read your book yet but I will.