Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretotyping will save your life?

Great blog post on "Thoughtland" and pretotyping by Andreas Hallberg.  He saw Patrick's QCon presentation and it clearly 'got it'.

I love Andreas' use of imagery: 
"I bet you and your great idea are having a fantastic time in Thoughtland. You've probably invited some of your friends too, and you're all tall as trees from the Group Think hookah."
I'll have to use "Group Think hookah" image in future presentation:

Andreas continues:  
"Those 43 minutes might just save you months - if not years - of disappointment. Sigh. If only I had seen this before I wasted all those nights on that special interest community site which I am too embarrassed to even give you the link to."
And summarizes it nicely:
"Short story: Pretotyping is a method for vetting your million-dollar idea in hours or days instead of weeks and months. Can you, in the simplest way possible, test your idea without actually going through with it?"
Andreas, you got it. Thanks for sharing it.

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