Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Pretotype It" Translated Into Italian

Thank you to Leonardo Zangrando of The Learning Startup, we have a very high-quality translation of "Pretotype It" into my native language.

I met Leonardo in Silicon Valley less than a month ago. He was impressed with, and a fan of, pretotyping ... and I quickly became a fan of Leonardo. My first instincts were confirmed when Leonardo first suggested, then completed, a great translation of my book in Italian in record time.

After many years in the US, my Italian may be a bit rusty, but I loved the way Leonardo translated my writing and idioms into their Italian counterpart. A very good and very creative effort – in record time.

This adds to the Spanish translation by Julian Dominguez Laperal (here) and there's rumor of a French translation already in progress. There are also more exotic translations in the work, so stay tuned.

Here's a link to the free PDF of Pretotipare – Assicurati di costruire la cosa giusta prima di costruirla bene.

Thank you Leonardo!


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  1. Excellent! I mean, we can never have enough, as long as some languages are excluded some people will feel excluded. Nice work!