Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pretotipar Esto: Pretotyping goes international

Over the past few months, I've seen an increase in articles and blogs about pretotyping written in languages other than English – especially in Spanish, German and Italian. On top of that, about half the emails I get are from countries other than the US.

This is very gratifying and a strong signal that pretotyping itself is "the right it" or "el esto correcto" – as you'd say in Spanish.

But the biggest and most pleasant surprise happened a couple of weeks ago when a gentleman named Julián Domínguez Laperal, sent me a very nice email with an attachment that contained a full and high-quality English-to-Spanish translation of my booklet Pretotype It.

Pretotype It is not a long book, it's still 70+ pages, and translating it must have been quite a commitment on Julian's part.

You can download a PDF of Julian's translation  from here.

Thank you Julian!


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